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Classes starting right after work

Beginners level for only €459,95

Professional and
qualified teachers

Certificate of participation at the end of the course

Seats left

  • Beginner course (A0-A1): No seats left.
  • NEW COURSE: Intermediate level (A1-A2) course starting Janurary 8. You can register now!
  • Every three months we will be starting new A1 and A2 courses.

Upcoming courses

Dutch from A0 to level A1

€459,95 incl. VAT 

No seats left.

Dutch from A1 to level A2

€ 459,95 incl. VAT

Registration now open!

Course starts January 8.

Dutch from A0 to level A1

€ 459,95 incl. VAT

Registration starting soon.

Course starts early February.

Dutch from A1 to level A2

€ 459,95 incl. VAT

Registration starting soon.

Course starts spring 2024.

About the Dutch on Track method

From day one we will start speaking, because we believe the most important thing is to not be afraid of talking (and to make mistakes!). You can learn all the grammar by heart, but if you’re afraid to talk, it won’t help you. Our classes are made up of three components:


You will use e-learning to prepare for your class (even for your first lesson!). The e-learning will hand you the words and dialogues you will need and will introduce you to the relevant grammar.


During class the teacher will explain the most important content and then it’s time to practise! You will use most of the classtime practising with your fellow students.


After class the e-learning will help you to consolidate everything you have learned.

Meet Dutch on Track

All of our teachers are specialised and certified in teaching Dutch as a Second Language.

After work, at a central location

Stop on your way home from work at one of our central locations for your weekly dose of Dutch. Classes are held once a week from 5.30 to 7.30 p.m. at:

DUTCH ON TRACK @ Centrum Eindhoven
In Eindhoven we are located at 8 minutes walking distance from the railway station. Also, the Kruisstraat is very close.

For a video of the walk from Eindhoven Centraal Station to our school (Pastoor Petersstraat 162): View on

DUTCH ON TRACK @ Spoorzone Tilburg
In Tilburg we are located across the street from the central station. In the middle of downtown Tilburg.